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Reptiles & Amphibians at Featherbrooke Estate

Most visible and widespread are the larger Striped Skink, often seen in pairs and the smaller speckled Cape Dwarf Gecko, which is normally solitary. Snakes are not often encountered but a few harmless ones include Montane Grass Snake, Red-lipped Herald and Common Egg-eater. The last one mentioned is a good mimic of the slightly venomous Rhombic Night-adder, which is specialised frog feeder. Flap-necked Chameleonis locally common but also seasonal. Hatchlings may be encountered from February especially at night at the top of tall grass stalks. Common frogs include Red and Guttural Toads.

Full lists of what has been seen are here. Should you have seen something not on the lists, please let us know so that we may keep these updated. If it is unusual or out of range, or you are unsure what it may be, a photograph will help in its identification.

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